A watering-place correspondent says: "Passing through the dining room of a summer hotel one afternoon I saw the headwaiter, a fine, handsome young man from one of our New England colleges, reading Virgil with several of his assistants the pretty waitresses, who in other places are school teachers, and very likely in colleges themselves. I thought of the Hotel Zum Anker at Coblentz on the Rhine, and a young man I met there - a German Baron I think he was - and with whom I talked of America and American hotels, and especially I told him of the student waiters in our summer hotels. He expressed great astonishment, and said he had heard of it before, but never had been able to bring himself to believe it. His incredulity was all the more surprising, as he himself was a clerk at the Hotel Zum Anker. I must give him the credit of being an excellent clerk, who never seemed to forget that though he was a baron he was yet the hotel clerk, and so discharged his duties just as faithfully as though he had not been possessed of so hair-splitting a turn of mind".