Lamb, like mutton, should be of a bright red color with white fat. It is in season from April to September, but is best when two months old. It will not keep like mutton, and should be used at least within three days after killing. Like veal, it is unwholesome if not thoroughly cooked. The better way of cooking is to roast or bake it. The loin may be cut into chops and cooked the same as mutton chops.

How To Bake Or Roast A Quarter Of Lamb

Wipe the meat with a damp towel, place it in a baking-pan, and dredge it with pepper. Put one teaspoonful of salt in the bottom of the pan, add one cup of water to baste with at first. When that evaporates, use its own drippings. Lamb must be basted every ten minutes and baked fifteen minutes to every pound, in a very hot oven.

Mint sauce, green peas, and asparagus tips should be served with spring lamb.