Wild pigeons may be prepared and cooked the same as tame ones. Roasted or baked, they make a very nice garnish for a wild turkey. After the turkey is dished, arrange six or eight pigeons around it; fill the vacant spaces with curly parsley.

This makes a very sightly dish.

Pigeon Pie

Pick and clean four wild pigeons, the same as chicken. Cut them into halves, put them into a baking-pan, baste with melted butter, and bake in a quick oven for forty-five minutes, basting with melted butter, salt and pepper every ten minutes, using in all about two tablespoonfuls of butter, a half-teaspoonful of salt, and a dash of pepper. At the end of this time, take them out. Line a two-quart tin basin or a raised pie-mould with plain butter paste. Have ready one pound of ham cut into dice, six hard-boiled eggs sliced. Put a layer of pigeons in the bottom, then ham, then eggs, then salt, pepper, and a few bits of butter, then pigeon, and so on, until all is used. Cover with a thick sheet of paste; make a hole in the centre, and ornament with some leaves and flowers cut out of the paste trimmings. Bake in a quick oven for thirty minutes, or until the paste is done. Put two tablespoonfuls of butter in the pan in which they were roasted, stir it over the fire until a nice brown, then add two tablespoonfuls of flour, and mix until smooth; add one pint of boiling water, salt and pepper to taste; stir continually until it boils; take from the fire, add the beaten yolk of one egg, and pour into the pie through a funnel, placed in the hole in the centre of top crust, and it is ready to serve. It is most delicious.

Tame pigeons may be used, but are not as good as the wild ones.

Pigeons Larded And Broiled

Pick the pigeons, cut off the head and feet, then split the birds down the back and take out the entrails; wipe them well inside and out with a wet towel, and dry them. Lard the breast with lardoons (small strips of fat pork), using a very fine needle. Dust the birds with salt and pepper, place them on a broiler, and broil over a moderate fire for three-quarters of an hour, turning frequently. Place on squares of hot buttered toast, baste with melted butter, and serve. Squabs may be cooked in the same way, and served on a bed of green peas.