Tomato Soup

One quart can of tomatoes, One tablespoonful of sugar, Four cloves,

One tablespoonful of butter, One tablespoonful of minced onion, One tablespoonful of cornstarch,

One tablespoonful of minced parsley, One pint of water, One pint of soup stock or water, Four pepper corns, Two teaspoonfnls of salt.

To the tomatoes add the water, sugar, cloves, and pepper corn; stew slowly until the tomatoes are tender; press through a strainer; remove only the seeds and skin. To the stewed and strained tomatoes add the soup stock or water. Melt the butter in a small pan, add the onion and parsley and cook until lightly browned, then add the cornstarch and cook together; slowly add one cupful of the stock, stirring until it forms a smooth sauce; add to the soup and cook fifteen minutes; season with salt and pepper, strain, and serve with croutons.

Vegetable Soup

Two quarts of beef stock,

One carrot.

One-half medium-sized yellow turnip. Two stalks of celery.

One-fourth cupful of barley,

One onion.

Two potatoes, small,

Salt and pepper.

Cook the barley in one quart of water for two hours; add the stock and all the vegetables, cut fine, except the potatoes: boil gently for an hour, or until the vegetables are almost tender: then add the potatoes and cook fifteen minutes; season with salt and pepper.

Mock Turtle Soup

One calf 's head.

Four quarts cold water,

One tablespoonful of salt.

One carrot.

One turnip,

Two onions.

Celery stalk.

One-half inch stick of cinnamon.

Four cloves.

Four allspice,

Four pepper corns.

One blade of mace.

One chili.

One quart brown stock.

Three eggs.

One lemon.

Two tablespoonfuls of butter.

Two tablespoonfuls of flour.

Wash, scrape and clean the head and soak an hour or more in cold water; remove the brains and tongue and let stand in cold water to be cooked separately; cut the head in many pieces, put into the kettle: add the cold water and heat slowly; skim thoroughly; add the salt and simmer three hours, or until the meat slips from the bones: lay the meat flat on a plate so it can be easily cut when cold; put the bones on to boil again: add the spices and vegetables and simmer until reduced to two quarts; strain and set aside to cool: when cold remove the fat; half an hour before serving put the stock on to boil. In another saucepan brown the butter; add the cornstarch or flour and brown; add one saltspoonful each of ground pepper, thyme or marjoram, and one teaspoonful of salt; add the brown stock and cook until it thickens, add to the soup: cut the face meat into half-inch cubes: add one cup of meat, diced; boil the eggs twenty minutes and cut into slices, or make the yolks into egg balls. Make force meat balls with the reserve meat. Put the meat balls and hard-boiled eggs into the tureen: add the soup and serve with slices of lemon, or omit the lemon and add half a cup of sherry wine.