Remove the green outer rind of the melon and cut the remainder into pieces of small size. Citron may be cut in slices and the slices, after the seeds are removed, stamped out into pleasing shapes. Cover with cold water and add a tablespoonful of salt for each quart of water. Let stand over night in the salted water, then drain and rinse thoroughly. Cook in boiling water until transparent. Drain carefully. For each pound of rind make a syrup of three fourths pound of sugar and half a cup of water and skim thoroughly; then add the melon and for each pound half an ounce of ginger root and a lemon, cut in slices. Cook about twenty minutes, or until the pieces of melon look rich and full. Skim from the syrup into jars; boil the syrup until rich and thick and pour over the fruit in the jars.