1 pint of double cream. 1 pint of chestnut purée. 1/3 cup of sugar. 1/2 cup of syrup at 35°. 1 cup of candied fruit soaked in wine and drained. A few grains of salt. Flavoring (wine or vanilla).

Use the wine, in which the fruit has steeped, to flavor the cream; add this with the sugar to the cream and whip the whole very light. Blanch and cook chestnuts to yield a pint of pulp when passed through a sieve or ricer; beat with the syrup until light and fluffy; if not moist enough add a little cream or milk. Dispose the cream in a mound in the centre of the dish after first beating in the fruit, then press the purée around it, using a sieve or vegetable ricer - the ricer will give the prettiest effect. If preferred, the fruit may be stirred into the chestnut puree, and disposed in a mound on the serving-dish; then cover with whipped cream, and pipe cream upon the mound to form some pattern. Garnish with candied chestnuts or fruit.