Strawberry Preserves Or Sunshine Strawberries Recipe (Ohio)

Select and hull three pounds of perfect strawberries of large size. Cook three pounds of fine granulated sugar and two cups of boiling water until a light thread is formed. Do not stir the sugar after it melts and begins to boil. Put in the berries and cook fifteen or twenty minutes after they begin to boil. Pour the contents on to a large platter and set in the sun to stand two days, or until the syrup is very thick. Store in tumblers, jars or bottles, cover the tops with paraffine, and set aside in a cool, dry closet.

Other fruit may be preserved in the same manner. When cherries are used, stone them before weighing the fruit. In making the syrup, use the juice from the cherries instead of water. If one has a larger quantity of juice than is needed for the preserve, can it for sherbets, sauces, etc. Cover platter with panes of glass.

Strawberry Preserves Recipe, No. 2

Select and set aside the largest and most perfect berries. Mash the others and boil fifteen minutes without water, then strain through a jelly bag. Allow a pound of sugar to a quart of juice. Make a syrup with a pint of water to each two pounds of sugar and skim thoroughly. When the scum ceases to rise, pour in the juice of the berries and boil (from five to fifteen minutes) to the soft-ball degree. Pour the syrup into glass jars and, lifting the berries with a spoon, put in as many as the syrup will cover without crowding. When cold seal with paraffine.

Making Strawberry-Tomato Preserve Recipe

Cook the yellow rind of a lemon and the seeded pulp, cut in slices, and a bit of ginger root in boiling water, until the water is well flavored with lemon and ginger, then strain. For each pound of tomatoes, removed from the husks, take half a pound of sugar and a cup of the flavored water; heat to the boiling point and skim, then add the tomatoes, cook until scalded thoroughly, then skim into jars. Boil the syrup until thick, adding to it a few slices of lemon, selecting lemons that are not bitter, and with it fill the jars to overflowing. Cover securely.