Pineapple Pie Recipe (Two Crusts)

Mix together thoroughly one fourth cup of flour and three fourths cup of sugar; add one cup of grated pulp and juice of pineapple; stir and cook until the mixture boils and becomes thick, then remove from the fire and add one egg, well beaten.

Pineapple Fanchonettes Recipe (Rich)

Beat together three eggs, one fourth teaspoonful of salt, two thirds cup of sugar, half a cup of grated pineapple, and the grated rind and juice of half a lemon; turn the mixture into patty pans lined with plain pastry, and bake in a moderate oven. When partly cold remove from the pans, cover with a meringue and return to the oven about eight minutes. Fit the paste to one pan, remove and cut from paper an exact pattern, by which the others may be cut. If small fluted tins are used, press the paste lightly, but closely, to the tin, so that when removed from the tins the paste will be perfect in shape. Tins for pastry do not require to be buttered or oiled. For lemon fanchonettes use half a cup of lemon juice.