Beans, young string

Beans, old string

Beets, young

Beets, old or large

Brussels Sprouts





Sweet Corn



Peas, fresh green

Potatoes, sweet or yams

Potatoes, Irish


Squash (summer)

Squash (winter)


30 to 45 minutes 15 to 30 minutes 30 to 45 minutes 60 minutes 45 to 60 minutes 2 to 3 hours 15 to 30 minutes 15 to 20 minutes 25 to 45 minutes 25 minutes 20 to 30 minutes 10 to 15 minutes 30 to 45 minutes 15 to 30 minutes 15 to 20 minutes 30 to 35 minutes 35 to 45 minutes 30 minutes 30 to 40 minutes 60 minutes 15 to 20 minutes

Drain vegetables after cooking, season, add butter and serve at once.

To skin beets: cover with cold water after cooking and slip off the skins. Reheat or chill as desired.

Vegetables are valued for their salts, vitamines, water and for the ruffage which they supply to the body. Fresh vegetables are always to be preferred to canned vegetables and should be used whenever available at a reasonable price.

Wash vegetables very carefully to remove any soil, scrape whenever possible. Much of the health giving property of the vegetable is wasted if the outer layer is removed by deep paring.

In boiling or steaming vegetables, conserve all the cooking water. Boil only in enough water to cover and use the vege table water for soup, gravy or sauce to cover vegetables. Use plenty of salt in cooking vegetables, one teaspoon to one quart of water, for this brings out the water in the vegetables and adds to the palatability of the food.

If the saucepan is left uncovered during the boiling, the vegetables will retain their color. A pinch of bicarbonate of soda in the water when cooking green vegetables tends to pre serve the fresh coloring.