Currant Cream

1 cupful water whites of 2 eggs

1/2 cupful sugar 1 1/2 tablespoonfuls gelatine

2 cupfuls currants juice of 1 orange juice of 1 lemon

Boil water and sugar, add gelatine dissolved in just enough hot water to cover it, orange and lemon juice, and currants that have been crushed through a strainer. Place on ice to chill, then mix in the stiffly beaten whites, place the mixture in a tightly covered mould and pack in ice to chill.

Lemon Cream

2 lemons 1 1/4 cupfuls powdered sugar

5 eggs

To the well beaten yolks of the eggs, beat in the juice and grated rind of the lemons, sugar, let come to the boiling point and stir in lightly the stiffly beaten whites. When well stirred in, place in a mould and pack in or set on ice to cool.

Nut Cream

2 cupfuls cream 1 cupful chopped dates

1/2 cupful sugar 1/2 cupful chopped figs

1/2 cupful chopped nuts white of 1 egg

1/2 teaspoonful vanilla flavoring

To the stiffly whipped cream, stir in all the other ingredients, put in a mould, cover tightly and pack in a bucket with finely chopped ice and salt for several hours.

Freezing Ice Cream

Put ice and salt in the freezer and press pieces of newspaper all around the top, covering all with the ice sack. Turn the crank a few times, let stand fifteen minutes, then turn for about five minutes. After the cream is frozen, pack in pieces of newspaper very closely, instead of using more ice.

Maple Ice Cream

2 cupfuls milk 2 cupfuls cream

1 cupful maple syrup 3 eggs

1 teaspoonful vanilla flavoring

Scald the milk in double boiler and add the syrup, then the well beaten eggs and cook till thickened. When cold, add the cream whipped. Freeze, and serve with small pieces of preserved ginger scattered over each dish.

Peach Ice Cream

10 large peaches 2 1/2 cupfuls sugar 1 quart milk

1 cupful cream

1 teaspoonful pistachio flavoring

Mash the peaches with sugar, add the other ingredients, having each one very cold, mix well and put in freezer.


1 cupful sugar green coloring

1 cupful mashed strawberries 1 cupful milk

2 cupfuls whipped cream 1/2 cupful pistachio nuts

1 box gelatine

Dissolve gelatin in a little warm water, to one-half of it add one-half the sugar, berries and one-half the cream. Stir chopped nuts in the scalded milk, let cool, add the remainder of the gelatin, sugar and cream, tint green with coloring purchased at drug or candy store. Then put one spoonful of first one, then the other mixture, into a mould and freeze.

Plain Ice Cream

1 pint cream 1 cupful sugar

1 pint milk 1 egg

1 teaspoonful flavoring

Beat in sugar to thoroughly beaten egg, add the other ingredients and any preferred flavoring. Put in double boiler and get hot, but do not boil. When very cold, pour into freezer. This serves six people. The custard may be prepared the day before.

Fill sherbet glasses half full of vanilla ice cream, add to the top a spoonful of jam and over that a large spoonful of whipped cream.

Vanilla ice cream is nice served in half a cantaloupe. So is coffee ice cream.