How To Remove Blood Stains From Cotton

To remove blood stains from cotton, wet the spots with cold water, sprinkle with salt and rub lightly.

Or soak the material in salt and water, afterwards washing in soap and water.

A spot on a starched garment may be removed by applying a thick paste of corn starch and cold water.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Silk

Use strong cold borax water.

How To Remove Chocolate And Cocoa Stains

Wash first in cold, then pour boiling water through the stains.

How To Remove Coffee Stains

Spread the stained part over a basin, rub in powdered borax and pour boiling water through, and let soak.

How To Remove Fruit Stains

Spread the stained part over a basin, and pour boiling water through, let soak for thirty minutes and launder as usual. Let dry in the sun.

Another method is to moisten the spots with camphor before wetting with water, then launder as usual.

Rub the stain with molasses, laundering as usual, afterward. Another way is to saturate the spot with kerosene, and launder. Alcohol will remove grass stains in materials that will not launder.

How To Remove Candle Grease

Use gasoline on a soft cloth.

How To Remove Axle Grease

To remove axle grease on washable garments, cover thickly with butter, let stand a few minutes, wash in gasoline, and then in soap and water.

Grease may be removed from overalls by putting them in cold water, with plenty of soap, and as soon as the water boils, add about three tablespoonfuls of kerosene and boil a few minutes. Do not pour kerosene from a kerosene can near a fire, but pour it from a can into a dipper away from fire, and then pour from the dipper quickly into the boiler.

Chloroform will remove grease from the most delicate fabrics, but it is apt to leave a mark and for that reason, ether is more universally used.

French chalk put around the edge of a spot before cleaning with gasoline on cloth, will prevent a mark from showing.

How To Remove Indelible Ink Or Pencil Marks

Dampen the spot with water, and rub with the head of a common match.

How To Remove Ink Stains

Cover the ink stain on any fabric with Hydrogen Peroxide, lay in the sun and air, and repeat till the stain disappears.

Ink may be removed from wash goods by melting a piece of tallow, putting the spot in the hot tallow and washing as usual. On colored garments that will not wash, drop melted tallow and scrape off with a knife. If the stain does not all come out, put a clean piece of blotting paper over it, and press with a hot iron.

How To Remove Ink From Wooden Floors

Use lemon juice and salt, without soap.

How To Remove Red Ink

Use ammonia and water.

How To Remove Iodine Stains

Cover the stain on cloth as soon as possible with a paste of corn starch and water. Change for fresh paste and repeat till stain disappears.

If the stain is on wood, apply the paste, let stand a few minutes, and rub with a soft cloth.

How To Remove Iron Rust From Wash Goods

Wet the spot with lemon juice, sprinkle with salt, and hold over boiling water so the steam can go through. If very badly rusted, add three tablespoonfuls of cream of tartar to three gallons of water, and boil the stained garments in it for about one hour.

Another way is to boil pie plant in enough water to soak the dress, remove the pie plant and soak the dress in the water for some time, then wash as usual.

How To Remove Lemon Juice Stains

Mix one tablespoonful of ammonia in four tablespoonfuls of water, and sponge lightly.

How To Remove Machine Oil

Apply kerosene to the spots, and launder as usual.

Cover an oil spot on silk with block magnesia shaved in fine powder. Leave on for a time, shake off, and repeat if necessary.

How To Remove Mildew

Cover the mildew on wash goods with molasses, then launder as usual.

Or soak the stains in buttermilk several hours, then wash.

How To Remove Milk Stains

Wash first in cold, then hot water.

Apply absorbent cotton at once when milk is spilled on woolens.

Alcohol will remove milk on colored garments.

How To Remove Mud Stains From Cloth

Use water in which a sliced raw potato has soaked.

How To Remove Paint

Rub turpentine thoroughly into the material. If the paint is very dry, mix a little ammonia with the turpentine. Keep all cleaning fluids away from fire.

Ether is also good for removing paint.

How To Remove Perspiration Stains

To remove perspiration stains from white waists, soak the stained part in baking soda and cold water. Repeat, if necessary, after thirty minutes.

For silk waists, sponge the spot carefully with a little cold water, and cover with powdered prepared chalk. When thoroughly dry, brush carefully with a soft brush.

To remove perspiration stains on white cotton from wearing black silk, boil the garment in one-half gallon of water containing a handful of peach leaves.

How To Remove Scorch Stains

Apply Peroxide of Hydrogen.

How To Remove Tea Stains

Wash in cold, and then pour boiling water through the spot. Soak an obstinate tea stain in glycerine.

How To Remove Varnish Stains

Saturate in gasoline, then wash in cold water with naphtha soap.

How To Remove Vinegar Stains

Mix one tablespoonful of ammonia in four tablespoonfuls of water and sponge lightly.

How To Remove Wine Stains

Moisten a red wine stain in cold water and keep covered with salt, and the wet salt will absorb the stain.

Wash yellow wine stains in cold water, then in warm suds.