When a pie is ready to bake, pour cold water over it, drain quickly and place immediately in hot oven.

If a lower crust is wet with the beaten white of an egg before filling with soft mixtures, it will prevent filling from soaking in.

Do not take hot pies suddenly to a cold room, as the sudden change makes them "heavy." And do not leave them on a hot stove after being baked.

Grease pie plates with butter. It helps make a flaky crust.

A strip of clean muslin about two inches wide, wrung from cold water and pinned around the edge of juicy pies, will keep juice in and keep edge from burning.

Another plan is to insert a small funnel of white paper, small end down, in the center of the upper crust, for the escape of steam.

Sprinkle a little flour over a lower crust before filling in juicy pies.

A very good way to prevent juice running out, is to put the sugar in the lower crust before filling in the fruit.

See that under crusts around outer edge are loose from pie plates before baking.

Under crusts to be baked a day before using, are made even by baking one crust between two pie plates of the same size.

Cinnamon Rolls

Whenever pie crust dough is left, cut in narrow strips, spread with softened butter, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, roll and bake like a jelly roll.


Use directions for Baking Powder Biscuit. Cut open the biscuits, butter well, and spread with whatever fruit is in season. Place the upper half of the biscuit over the under piece with its crust down, that is, on the fruit, spreading another layer of the sugared fruit on the top, with whipped cream above this top layer, if desired.

Berries, pineapple, oranges, etc., etc., are all nice in shortcakes.

Pie Crust No. 1

1 cupful flour salt

1/2 cupful butter 1/4 cupful very cold water a pinch of baking powder

Sift the flour and baking powder together, add the salt and the softened (not warm) butter, then the water. Turn onto a floured moulding board, sift a little flour over and turn over till right to roll out. This makes just two pie crusts, or a lower crust for one pie, and four small biscuits.

Pie Crust No. 2

4 cupfuls flour 2 cupfuls butter

1/4 cupful very cold water pinch of salt

Mix salt in flour and add one-half softened (not warm) butter and enough very cold water to form a stiff dough. Turn this on the floured moulding board, sprinkle with flour, spread with some of the butter, fold over, roll out, spread on more butter, fold over, roll out, spread for the third time, fold and roll and fit on pie plates. Will make four pies.

Sour Milk Pie Crust

1 cupful flour pinch of salt

1/4 cupful sour milk 1/2 cupful butter

1/8 teaspoonful soda

Mix the softened butter with part of flour, add milk with soda dissolved in it, salt, and remainder of flour. Turn on the floured moulding board in a soft dough, roll, and fit on the pie plate.