A Dry Shampoo

Sift yellow corn meal till fine, and rub into the hair, brush thoroughly, and repeat.

An Egg Shampoo

Beat two eggs, add the juice of a lemon, rub thoroughly through the hair, and rinse in several warm waters. Dry in sun and air.

Rub dry salt into the hair at night, wear a night cap, and brush out all the salt in the morning, to make the hair lustrous.

Washing hair in warm salt water is very good if not done too often. Always dry in sun and air.

A Good Shampoo

Lay a cake of Ivory soap in a pitcher, pour over it a pint of boiling water, and stir till there's a good lather. Add one teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda, wash the hair and scalp thoroughly and rinse in several warm waters.

A Shampoo For Auburn Hair

Put five cents worth of Salts of Tartar in a pint of warm water, rub into the hair, making a fine lather. Leave it a short time, and rinse in several warm waters.

Washing Blond Hair

After shampooing blond hair, to the last rinsing water, add the juice of half a lemon strained through a cloth. Dry in sun and air.

How To Keep Hair In Curl

Put the white of an egg in a cup, beat to a froth, and fill the cup with rain water. Apply this to the hair, and roll on clean strips of old stockings and tie in bow knots.

How To Remove Tangles

Put a little alcohol on the tangle.