Grape Wine

Wash and pick grapes from stems, press out the juice, measure, and put in a stone jar with three pounds of sugar to each gallon. Skim it for twelve consecutive days. Then strain, and add one and one-half pints alcohol to six gallons of juice. Pour in stone jars and cork tightly.

Strawberry Wine

Proceed as for Grape Wine, using two and one-half pounds of sugar to each gallon of juice.

Unfermented Grape Juice

Have thoroughly fresh ripe grapes. Wash, remove skins, boil skins and pulp together in a little water till tender. Strain through cheese cloth, but do not squeeze. Hang up to drip several hours. Measure the juice, put it on to boil and as soon as it starts boiling, add half as much sugar as there is juice. Boil till sugar dissolves, put into jars and seal hot.

Making Lemon Flavoring No. 1

Cut the rinds of two lemons in small pieces, put them into a four ounce bottle, fill with deodorized strong alcohol and let stand in a warm place for one week. Put two drachms fresh oil of lemon, four ounces of deodorized strong alcohol and the juice of half a lemon in a large bottle and strain into the contents the contents of the smaller bottle.

Making Lemon Flavoring No. 2

Cover small pieces of fresh lemon peel with brandy in tightly covered jars, and use the liquid later for flavoring.

Dried Lemon Flavoring

Put dried lemon peel through the food chopper two or three times, sift, and put the fine powder away for flavoring.

Making Orange Flavoring

Proceed same as in making Lemon Flavoring.

Making Vanilla Flavoring No. 1

With one ounce of finely cut fresh vanilla beans, rub two ounces of sugar and put in a pint bottle. Pour over this four ounces of distilled water and ten ounces of 95% deodorized alcohol. Let stand for two weeks in a warm place, shaking occasionally.

Making Vanilla Flavoring No. 2

Proceed as in making Dried Lemon Flavoring. Vanilla should be kept in the dark.

How To Clarify Vinegar Or Wine

To each gallon of vinegar, pour in one pint or a little more, of new milk, and let stand one day. The milk will be curdled and caked in the bottom of the jar and all the sediment will adhere to it, and the vinegar may be drained off perfectly clear.

Watermelon Vinegar

Take the inside of very ripe watermelons, crush in a stone jar, strain the juice into glass jars, cover and set away to sour. Makes good vinegar.

A small button of garlic in a quart of vinegar gives a good flavor to salads with which it is used.