Dissolve three pounds of candied sugar in six bottles of good brandy (best Cango will do). Then mix with it one hundred cloves, a quarter of a pound of cinnamon, twelve tablespoonfuls of finely-cut naartje-peel, one nutmeg, a few cardamom seeds. Let it all stand for a month and a half, shaking occasionally, then bottle. Clarify through filtering papers. The brandy should not be weaker than twenty-two degrees, or the liqueur will not be clear. Also good.

Vanderhum Liqueur. Old Recipe. Cape SpéCialité


10 bottles of Brandy. 10 dessertspoonfuls of Cinnamon just bruised.

50 Cloves.

20 tablespoonfuls of finely-cut Naartje-Peel.

Half a Nutmeg.

Mix all well together, and allow the ingredients to remain on the brandy for one month till all the virtue is extracted from it. Then take five pounds of clear light brown crystallised sugar, boil to a thick, rich syrup. When quite cold, mix one cup of syrup to two of the spiced brandy, stir well till quite mixed. Add one wineglass of best rum to every bottle of Vanderhum. The rum mellows the mixture. Put all back into a cask, and clarify with the whites of two eggs well whisked, and lightly put on the top of the cask. In three weeks it will be beautifully clear and ready for bottling. If made in small quantities, the brandy and spices can be put in jars well corked, and the spices in little bags. Very good.