Neapolitan Molded Eggs

Make a mixture consisting of scrambled eggs and Parmesan cheese, keeping it very soft; add per four scrambled eggs, two small raw eggs. Fill some little, well-buttered brioche-molds with this preparation, and poach in the bain-marie. As soon as contents are properly set, turn out the molds on to a buttered gratin dish, besprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese, and coat the eggs with reduced and buttered brown sauce with tomato.

Molded Eggs Palermitaine

Butter some shaped or plain molds; garnish the bottoms with a slice of ox tongue, and besprinkle the sides with chopped parsley. Put the molds in ice for a while, to set the tongue in the butter. Break an egg into each mold, season, and poach in the bain-marie. Turn out the molds on tartlet crusts, garnish with macaroni and cream.