There are two principal kinds of Sunkist Oranges from California - the Sunkist Seedless Navel and the Sunkist Valencia Orange.

Sunkist Seedless Navel Oranges

The Sunkist Navel Orange is distinguished from the Sunkist Valencia by the navel formation at one end, and further, by the fact that the navel orange is seedless. Sunkist Navels are on the market in the Winter and Spring.

The meat of the Navel Orange is tender, but firm, and is bountifully supplied with a rich, full-bodied juice. This firm tenderness, which is a quality of the Valencia as well as the Navel, makes any Sunkist Orange ideal for slicing, segmenting, or cutting into small bits, for salads, desserts, etc.

Sunkist Valencia Oranges

Sunkist Valencia Oranges, as stated above, are firm, tender and juicy, like Navel Oranges, lending themselves just as readily to recipes. The Sunkist Valencia is an "almost seedless" orange; only a few seeds being found in this type. Sunkist Valencias are on the market in the Summer and Fall months.

Sunkist Lemons

California Sunkist Lemons are practically seedless. They are particularly desirable because of their juiciness, their tart, full-bodied flavor, and the fact that they are picked, packed and shipped under the most cleanly conditions.

Every Sunkist Citrus Fruit is picked by gloved hands, thoroughly cleansed with mechanical washers, and wrapped in clean tissue. Sunkist Oranges and Lemons will be delivered to you in the original wrappers if you request it of your dealers.