Another Important Fact

The California Fruit Growers Exchange, through which is shipped all citrus fruits bearing the Sunkist trademark, is a co-operative organization of more than 8,000 California citrus fruit-growers, who annually produce 30,000 carloads of oranges and lemons. It accumulates no profits and declares no dividends. Its purpose is to develop better methods of growing, picking, packing and shipping citrus fruits, and to distribute them with the greatest economy, so that these healthful fruits may be available at reasonable prices.

"Sunkist" is the trademark of the California Fruit Growers Exchange, and the oranges and lemons packed under it are carefully selected. They may be obtained in several different sizes. Housewives can depend on the fruit marked Sunkist, and it is therefore important to insist on "Sunkist Oranges" and "Sunkist Lemons" rather than to order merely "oranges" and "lemons."

All recipes in this book were compiled and tested by Miss Alice Bradley, Principal of Miss Farmer's School of Cookery, Boston, and are therefore authentic and reliable.

California Fruit Growers Exchange - A Co-operative Non-Profit Organization of 8,000 Growers. Los Angeles, California, Washington, July 8. - Doctor Harvey W. Wiley, former Chief of the Bureau of Chemistry of the Department of Agriculture, and universally admitted to be one of the greatest authorities on pure foods and dietetics in the world, says: "Eat oranges; eat them in Winter, eat them in Summer; eat as many as you can afford to buy; they are better for you than physic."

Oranges For Health.

Oranges For Health.

Dr. Harvey W. Wiley Says They Are Better Than Medicine

In an interview, Dr. Wiley says: "Oranges are excellent for people. It is good to eat oranges for breakfast, and also for dinner - not from a medical, but an anti-medical standpoint. Both oranges and lemons ought to be used as freely as the financial ability of the consumer may permit. A laboring man may not be able always to eat oranges at breakfast, yet the fruit is usually very cheap, and the consumption of it will obviate the need of physic and save many a doctor's bill.

"Note, that I do not say 'eat an orange for breakfast, but rather 'Eat Oranges.' Even if in straitened circumstances, people should eat plenty of oranges and lemons, not only in the Summertime, but all the time. I don't think anything I have ever said in praise of a fruit diet is too strong to say about oranges and lemons. The abundant production of oranges and lemons in California, their excellent quality, and the cheap transportation across the country, have put these blessings to mankind within the reach of every person of moderate circumstances.

"People ask, sometimes, whether oranges should be eaten at the beginning or end of a meal. It is better to eat oranges first; the effect cannot be so good after one has partaken of other food."

Mineral Contents of California Oranges and Lemons

Navel Oranges

Cal. Lemons


. 30.18



. 1.54



. 14.00



. 3.29



. 0.60



. 0.25



. 7.52



. 3.23



. 0.40





Total Mineral


. 61.58