To Remove Pulp From Sunkist Oranges.

Pare the orange with a sharp knife, removing every particle of the thin inside membrane with the peel. This will leave the orange pulp exposed. Hold the orange over a plate, so that any juice which may drop will be saved. Insert the point of the knife at the stem end of the orange, close to the membrane that divides the sections. Carefully work the knife in, separating the membrane from the section. Then carefully separate the section of orange from the membrane on its other side; remove the whole orange section, complete in shape, and entirely free from membrane. Repeat until all the sections are removed.

Note: - In these recipes all measurements are made level. Measuring-cups, divided into thirds and quarters, are used, and tea and table measuring-spoons. Cups of dry material are filled to overflowing, by putting the material into the cup with a tablespoon, and are then leveled off with a knife. Tea and tablespoons are filled heaping with dry material, and then leveled off with a knife. .