Cut one pint of potatoes into pieces and cover them with one quart of white broth (No. 99) in a saucepan. Press the broth through a napkin, adding about two ounces of butter and a bouquet (No. 254.) Season with half a tablespoonful of salt and a teaspoonful of pepper, cook well for thirty minutes, then strain the soup, adding half a cupful of cream, and serve with six sippets of toast. Do not let it boil again after the cream has been added.

44. Puree Parmentier

The same as for No. 43, adding one bunch of cut-up leeks fifteen minutes before serving.

45. Puree Bretonne

The same as for No. 43, substituting one pint of dried white beans, previously soaked for four hours in cold water, for the potatoes.

46. Puree Faubonne

The same as for No. 43, using one pint of lentils instead of potatoes. (Lentils must also be soaked for four hours before using.) Throw in two tablespoonfuls of cooked green peas and a pinch of chopped parsley one minute before serving.