Andouillesa La Bechamel - White Chitterlings

Soaka slice of Ham over a slow fire, about a quarter of an hour, with a clove of Garlick, Parsley, green Shallots, Thyme, a Bay Leaf, Basil, and a bit of Butter; add half a pint of Milk; reduce it, by boiling, to half; then sift it in a sieve, and put to it a handful of Bread Crumbs; simmer it till it becomes quite thick: Cut a Calf's Chaudron into small Fillets, with a piece of fresh Pork, and some of the Lard; add six Yolks of raw Eggs, Salt, and fine Spices; boil them in half Milk and Water, with a faggot, Salt, and Pepper; and dress them as all others.

Andouilles De Poisson - Chitterlings Of Fish

Take an Eel's Skin instead of Guts, use what sorts of Fish you please, and cut off all the Flesh; pound the Bones, and boil them in red Wine, with two sliced Onions, a clove of Garlick, Parsley, green Shallots, Thyme, and Laurel, until it is reduced to half; sift it in a sieve, and mix the Fish-meat with it, cut in dice; add six or eight Yolks of raw Eggs, Salt, and Spices; cut the Skin of an Eel into lengths of five or six inches, and fill them as you do Guts; boil them in Broth and red Wine, with a faggot of sweet Herbs, Salt, and Pepper: Let them cool in their Liquor; and serve them broiled.

Andouilles A La Flamande, Chitterlings Flemish Fashion

Take Chitterlings of Veal or Pork, and boil them with Savoys cut in quarters (first scalded and tied) in good Broth, with a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, a clove of Garlick, Thyme and Laurel, two Cloves, a little Nutmeg, Pepper and Salt; when done, drain the Chitterlings and Cabbages; put them upon the Dish you intend to use, and serve upon them a good Cullis Sauce, rather thick, Andouillettes de Veau au Parmesan.

Small Chitterlings With Parmesan Cheese

Chop some Fillet of Veal coarsly, cut as much Hog's Lard into dice, and mix them together; add chopped Parsley, green Shallots, Pepper, Salt, and five Yolks of raw Eggs; roll up this Forced-meat in thin slices of Veal, tie them fast with packthread, and put them into a Stew-pan with thin slices of Bacon, and a glass of white Wine; when you judge they are done enough, untie them, and sift the Sauce in a sieve; add a little Cullis to make aLiaison, and reduce it till it becomes pretty thick; put half of it in the Dish you intend to use, with rasped Parmesan, then the Chitterlings upon these, and some more Parmesan over them; and baste them with the remainder of the Sauce; simmer some time over a slow fire, and colour the upper part with a Salamander or a Brazing-pan cover: Serve with a short Sauce.

Saucissons De Sanglier - A Thick Short Sausage Made Of Wild Boar Meat

According to the quantity you would make, take the Ingredients in the following proportion; to one pound of Meat add half a pound of Hog's Lard, one ounce of Salt, and a few Spices, adding a little Saltpetre to redden the Meat; put all together in a Tureen, with a little Muskado Wine; let it marinate about four-and-twenty hours, then fill the Guts, and let them soak in a little Wine, with Salt, Shallots, Thyme, and Laurel; after soaking, hang them in the chimney, until they are quite dry. When you use them, you may braze them about an hour; though most people eat them as smoaked, and always cold.

Saucissons Au Brodequin

Sausages racktied, viz. Made square between Boards.

Take four small Boards, a foot long, and three inches broad, by which you may form your Sausages; chop about three pounds of fresh Pork with a great deal of fat Meat, the Flesh of a long-kept Partridge, a pound of Leg of Mutton, a pound of Hog's Lard cut in dice, a quarter of a pound of Pistachio-Nuts, half a pound of Truffles cut in dice, five raw Eggs, Salt, and fine Spices; mix all well together, and put them into a Cowl, which fasten between the four Boards; boil it with white Wine and Broth, Salt and Pepper, a faggot of sweet Herbs, three Cloves, one of Garlick, green Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, and Basil; let it cool in the Liquor, to eat cold.