Beat up what quantity of Eggs you think proper with a little Salt and Water; melt some good Butter in proportion to the quantity of Eggs, viz. about a quarter of a pound for eight Eggs; pour them into the Frying-pan, stirring continually over a clear Fire, till the Omelet is formed and of a fine gold colour; put the Dish upon it to turn it over, and serve hot.-This is the most common and most natural way: But they are also made with any sorts of chopped Sweet Herbs, as Burnet, Taragon, Chervil, green Shallots, etc. etc. and are called by the name of what is put to them; also with stewed Greens, or Minced-meat Ragout, (as Livers, Kidnies, and others) provided it is minced very fine, and properly seasoned.

Omelette A La Gendarme - Military Omelet

Make a little Ragout of stewed Sorrel, with a little Parmesan Cheese rasped, and mixed with Bread Crumbs; make two Omelets as the first, put this Ragout between, and garnish the Dish round with fried Bread, standing up like a Paste border; which you may do, by dipping the edge of each bit in Whites of Eggs to make them stick; pour a little melted Butter over it, and strew Bread Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese as before; give colour in the Oven, or with a hot Shovel.

Omelette Au Basilic En Baignets, Omelet With Sweet Basil

Make two or three thin Omelets with a little sweet Basil chopped; cut them to roll like Olives, or to what bigness you think proper: When they arc cold, dip them in good Batter, or wrap them in Paste, to fry; Serve with fried Parsley.

Omelette Soufflée - Raised Omelet

Put eight or ten Yolks of Eggs in a good Bechamel Sauce, well mixed; beat up the Whites to a froth to put to it in a deep Pan, and some good Butter; make it raise by keeping it over a smart Fire, and serve as soon as possible, as it will fall by keeping any time after it is done enough.

Omelette A La Farce, Omelet With A Ragout Of Stewed Greens

This is explained already, Omelettes de Rognons de Veau, Veal Kidney. Omelette au Jambon, with bits of ready-boiled Ham in, or upon it; or a Sauce made with slice of Ham, and another slice minced therein, and poured over.

Omelette D La Crime De Ris - Omelet With Cream And Rice-flour

Mix two spoonfuls of Rice-flour, with three Eggs, a little Salt, a quarter of a pound of fine Sugar, a quarter of a pound of good Butter, and a pint of very good Cream; boil these together until they grow as thick as the Franchipane Cream: When almost cold, add a tittle chopped Lemon-peel, preserved Citron, Orange-flowers, Macaroni-drops in powder, eight or ten Eggs, the Whites well beat up; garnish the inside of a deep round Pan with a sheet of Paper, well buttered on both sides, and bake it in the Oven; turn it over upon the Dish, and glaze it with a Sugar glaze.

Omelette Aux Amandes - Omelet With Almonds

This is done after the same manner as the last, by mixing therein pounded sweet Almonds and a little Beef-marrow melted and sifted. Make it either as the last, or in Petty Patee-pans, or any other sorts of moulds.

Omelette a la Servante, Omelet 'the Country Fashion, is done with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Sorrel, Pepper and Salt; place Bread upon it, and roll it round.

A la Sainte Menehoult, done after the same manner as that a la Gendarme, except that you put a ready-made Fish-farce between, and finish as the last-men-tioned: You may also serve an Omelet with any sorts of Cullis upon it: That of Crawfish is rather preferable; then it is called Masquée, masked, etc. etc.