This Season comprehends December, January, and February. The Produce of Fish in December, is Salmon, Crimp-Cod, Scate, Haddocks, Whitings, Smelts, Soals, Brills, Plaice, Founders, Crabs, Craw-fish, Carp, Perch, Eels, Gudgeons, Turbots by chance, pickled Sturgeon. And January much the same, with potted Lampreys, Salt fish, Barrel Cod, fresh Sturgeon, John-doreys at Times, Oysters of all Sorts, Mussels, Cockles, Turbots by chance. February continues much the same, except that Cod, Haddocks, and Whitings are going out of Season, and Plaice and Flounders are but indifferent; of Poultry, Cock Turkies, Hen ditto, large wild Rabbits, Larks, Snipes, Woodcocks, Plovers, Bustards, Capons, Pullards, middling Fowls, Chickens, Quails, Hares, Pheasants, Partridges. N. B. Dry pulled Geese and Ducks are almost out of Season about January. The Garden furnishes still most Part of this Season with Golden Pippins, Nonpareil and Pearmain Apples, Medlars, dried Apples, Chesnuts, St. Germain and Winter Chaumontelle-Royal Pears, Colmar Pears, Golden Rennets, and Russet Apples for Kitchen Use, with Savoy-Sprouts, red Cabbages, Borcole, Carrots, Parsneps, Potatoes, Endives, the French Choux Raw, commonly called Turnip Cabbages, Cellery, Onions, Cardoons, and much the same Sort of Roots and Greens as fet forth at the Beginning of the Spring Season; all Sorts of Puree and Italian Paste are very Useful at this Time for Soups, as the Herbs are rather scarce and of very little Flavour; all Sorts of Butcher's Meat is good, with Pork and Pigs in full Season; also several Sorts of Roots, although very little Used in England, as Cor-sioners, Skirrets, Sassasras Roots for Kitchen Use, with Kentish-stone Pippins, and small Sallading, also all Sorts of sweet and cooling Herbs coming into Season, at the latter End.