Poulets Au Celadon - Chickens With Sea-green Sauce

Scald a good quantity of Parsley and Garden Cres-ses, or any other Herbs; squeeze the Water out, and pound the Herbs very fine; put them into a Stew-pan with a good deal of Butter, simmer them about half an hour, and then sift them in a Stamine, pressing hard with a spoon to extract the Juice of the Herbs; take part of this Butter to make a Farce, with the Livers chopped, Salt and Pepper; stuff the Chickens with it, and wrap them in slices of Bacon and Paper to roast; put two or three spoonfuls of Cullis into a small Stew-pan, boil it a moment, and put to it some of the former Butter; add a Lemon Squeeze, when ready to serve upon the Chickens.

Poulets A L'angloise - Chickens, English Fashion

Put half a pint of Cream into a Stew-pan, with as much Milk, and a handful of Bread Crumbs; simmer this till the Liquid is quite reduced to a thick Pap, then add four or five hard Yolks of Eggs chopped, a good bit of Butter, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt, a little grated Nutmeg, and three raw Yolks of Eggs to make the mixture; stuff a couple of good fat Chickens with it, which ought to be trussed as for boiling, place a few slices of peeled Lemon upon them, wrap them up in Lard, and roast them: Make a Sauce with a good bit of Butter rolled in Flour, the Chickens Livers boiled and minced, a few chopped Capers, one Anchovie, a few drops of Vinegar, Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg; reduce it as a white Liaison, and serve over the Chickens, being first stripped of the Lard and Lemon slices.

Poulets En Caisses. Chickens In Paper Cases

Take roasted Chickens, and cut all the white Meat into large Fillets; marinate it about an hour, with a little Oil, Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, half a Bay-leaf, Pepper and Salt; make Cases of white Paper, put the Fillets therein with their Marinate:and place them in the oven or under a brazing-pan cover: When done, wipe off the Fat as much as possible, and add a little Cullis, and a Lemon Squeeze.

Poulets Au Romestic - Chickens An Romestic, Or With A Cullis Made With Fragments

Take a Rabbit kept long, and cut as many Fillets (without Bones) as you can; marinate these about an hour in melted Butter or good Oil, with chopped Truffles, Mushrooms, Shallots, Parsley, Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg; take out the Breast Bones of two Chick-ens, without breaking the Skin, fill them up with the Fillets of Rabbits, and the Marinate, few them up very well, and truss them for roasting; give them first a fry in Butter, and then roast them, wrapped in slices of Lard and Paper: For the Sauce, simmer the Car-cafe of the Rabbit chopped in pieces, with Legs and Pinions of Poultry, adding thereto half a glass of white Wine, and three spoonfuls of good well-tasted Cullis; sift it, and serve upon the Chickens. - You may also serve with a Sauce made with the above Cullis; or with any kind of Game.

Cuisses De Poulets A Differentes Sauces & Ragouts - Legs Of Chickens With Different Sauces And Ragouts

When you have occasion to use the white Meat of Chickens by itself, (which is often the cafe where a deal of work is done) the Legs may also serve for a good Dish. Braze them with pieces of Lard, and a few slices of Lemon, to keep them white: Serve them with what Ragout or Sauce you think proper.