Petit Poussins Out Pavies - Small Chickens, And Preserved Nectarines

Truss three very small fat Chickens quite round, and give them a fry in Butter; then place a few slices of Lemon upon the Breasts, wrap them up in Lard, and afterwards in Paper, and roast them: Take Nectarines, preserved in Vinegar, cut them in slices, peel, and soak them in Water awhile, to take off the acid; mix a little Gravy and Cullis together, put the Nectarines in it to warm, and serve this upon the Chickens. - You may also cut them into quarters, and simmer them a little longer in the Sauce, to make them tender.

Thee area particular kind of latter Nectarines, which the French preserve as any sort of pickles in England.

Fricass'ee De Poulets A La Bourdois

Fricassee of Chickens; after the Name of the Author Bourdois.

Cut two small Chickens as usual, and put them into a Stew-pan with all the trimmings, a slice of Ham, a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, two Cloves, Thyme, Laurel, and a few Leaves of Basil; soak all together a moment, with a bit of good Butter, then add some Broth, a little Flour, and a glass of white Wine; boill till the Chickens are done, and the Sauce reduced; then make a Liaison with two or three Yolks of Eggs beat up with a little Broth, a few drops of Verjuice, or a Lemon Squeeze; pour this upon the Dish you intend for table; let it cool, then strew it over with Bread Crumbs, and small bits of Butter, close to each other; colour it in the oven, or with a Brazing-pan cover, or a salamander.

Poulets Histories

Chickens, garnished, embellished, or coloured, etc.

Trussa couple of large Chickens as to roast, give them a few turns over the fire in a Stew-pan, with Butter, and a Lemon Squeeze to preserve their whiteness; then take them out, and wipe the Breast very clean; cut a large Onion quite round, and pretty thin, take two or three rings, which dip in Whites of Eggs, and apply upon the Breast; and in them lay preparations of different Colours, in proper forms, as your fancy shall direct, basting the Breast of the Chickens with Whites of Eggs to make the Colour stick; then cover them over with thin slices of Lard, and put them into a Stew-pan to braze, with a few slices of Veal and Ham, and a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, a bit of Laurel Leaf, a slice of Lemon peeled, Pepper and Salt, a glass of white Wine, and as much good Broth; cover it over with white Paper, and let it braze on a middling fire about an hour:

When done, take off the Lard gently; add a little Cullis to the Sauce, reduce it to a good Consistence, sift it, skim the Fat clean off, and serve it upon the Chickens.

N. B. The Colours mentioned in this Receipt may be thus prepared, viz. For Red, use Craw-fish Spawn, chopped Ham, or some of the Colours already mentioned, pag. 195. - For Green, use Herbs of a good flavour, as Ravigotte. - Yellow may be prepared with the Yolks of hard Eggs; and White, with the Breasts of Poultry finely minced.