Poulets A La Pierrettes - Chicken Marbled

Take up the Wings of three pretty large Chickens, and lard them all as for Fricandeaux, viz. two with Larding Bacon, two with Ham, and two with Truffles, or any kind of Roots of another colour; braze them between a few slices of Lard, with Roots, a faggot of sweet Herbs, a little Confommee, and half a glass of white Wine: The Meat being done, skim and sift the Braze, add a little Cullis to the Sauce, and reduce it on the fire to a proper Consistence; glaze some of the Wings, lay them properly intermixed on the Table-dish, and serve the Sauce under them.

Culottes De Poulets Out Petits Onions, Chickens Rumps With Small Onions

Culottes are the Legs and Rumps cut off together, which you will naturally lave, after using the Breasts for Fillets, Forced-meat, or other uses. Tie Up these Culottes in what form you please; give them a few turns on the fire with good Butter, then put them into a Stew-pan to braze, with a few slices of Ham and Bacon, a Faggot, half a Lemon sliced, and small white Onions, half boiled; cover them over with thin slices of Lard, add a glass of white Wine, or a little Broth, and braze slowly; when done, sift and skirn the Sauce, add two spoonfuls of Veal Cullis, reduce the Sauce, and serve upon the Meat, with a Lemon Squeeze, if not relishing enough of the Lemon from the slices.

Poulets Out Ecrevisses. Chickens With, Or As Craw-fish

Bone two or three middling Chickens, then roll them pointed at the Neck part, and braze them with slices of Lard and Ham, two or three slices of Lemon peeled, two spoonfuls of good Jelly Broth, a glass of white Wine, Salt and Pepper, a faggot of sweet Herbs, half a clove of Garlick, and as many large Craw-fish as Chickens; they will only require about an hour to do: When finished, take them out, and wipe the Fat off; lay them on the Dish you intend for table, stick the Neck part into the Tail of a Crawfish, the Body upon the Chicken, and the Claws on the side; sift and skim the Sauce, add a little Veal Cullis, reduce it, and serve upon the Chickens.

Poulets A La Broche Avec Ragout De Legumes - Roasted Chickens With Stewed Greens

Make a little Forced-meat with the Livers, scraped Lard, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt; stuffa couple of Chickens with this, trussed for roasting; lay a couple of slices of Lemon on the Breasts, and wrap them up with thin slices of Lard and Paper; roast them, and serve upon what sort of stewed Greens you please, as Spinach, Morels, Mushrooms, Cucumbers, green Peas, Cardoons, small Onions, any sorts of Roots, Celery, Olives, etc. You will find the method to dress each sort in the Articles for Ragout.

Poulets D La Brochea Differentes Sauces, Roasted Chickens With Different Sauces

Roasted or broiled Chickens may be served with what Sauce you please, as Nonpareil, Nivernoise, Italienne, Mariniere, Celadon, Colons, Confommee, Saxe, etc. which you will find among the Sauce Articles.