Take new-laid Eggs, or as fresh as possible; put eight of them in a Scale, and weigh as much Sugar against them; take out the Sugar, and put the weight of four Eggs of Flour; if you would have them very light, only put Flour to the weight of three Eggs; take out three of the Yolks, and put in three other Whites instead; put the Yolks by themselves in a Tureen, with some rasped Lemon-peel and the Sugar; beat them up a long while together, then add the Whites also well beat up, then the Flour by little and little, to mix it the better; pour this preparation into Paper Cases of what form and bigness you please, strew some fine Sugar-powder over to glaze them, and bake in a very moderate Oven.

Biscuits A La Cuillere - Spoon-biscuits

The former composition serves for these, and they only differ in fhape: Take a small spoonful of it, and spread it longways upon the Paper; strew a little Powder-sugar over, and bake as the last. - You may also mix dried preserved Orange-flowers chopped very fine with the rasped Lemon in the composition.

Biscuits De Fruits Confits - Biscuits Of Preserved Fruits

Take dried preserved Fruits, such as Apricots, Verjuice Grapes, Plumbs, Oranges, and a little Orange-flower Marmalade; pound them together, and sift in a Sieve; then mix Yolks of new-laid Eggs, and fine Powder-sugar therewith, till it comes to a supple Paste, not too liquid; bake them upon Paper as the last, Biscuits a la Fleur a Orange. Orange-flower Biscuits. Mix up three spoonfuls of Orange-flower Marmalade with six Yolks of new-laid Eggs, and rasped green Lemon; add twelve Whites of Eggs Well beat up, and a quarter of a pound of fine Flour; when all is properly mixed together, bake in Paper Cafes; when done, glaze them with a white Glaze.

A La Duchesse

They are done with Rice-flour sifted as fine as possible, dried Orange-flower preserved and chopped very fine, rasped Lemon-peel, a quarter of a pound of Flour to one pound of Sugar, fix Yolks, and twelve Whites of Eggs well beat up; finish as the last. You may also add any sorts of dried Fruits, mixed with a little of their own Marmalade, and the same quantity of each different article.

Biscuits D'amandes - Almond Biscuits

Pound a quarter of a pound of sweet Almonds, dropping in a little Whites of Eggs in the pounding to hinder the Almonds from oiling; add three quarters of a pound of fine Sugar mixed with Whites of Eggs beat up, till it comes to a good malleable Paste; bake it upon Paper made in what form your fancy leads, either in the Oven, or under a Brazing-pan Cover, with a little Fire over; when done the uppermost side, glaze the under side with a white Glaze, and finish with the glazed side uppermost.

Biscuits De Chocolat - Chocolate Biscuits

Pound about a quarter of a pound of Chocolate, and mix it with four Yolks of Eggs, and half a pound of fine Powder-sugar; add eight Whites beat up, and a quarter of a pound of Flour; pour them upon the Paper with a Spoon of what length or big-ness you please.

Another method with Chocolate, Make a Paste with much the same quantity of Chocolate, six Whites of Eggs, and Sugar sufficient to make the Paste pretty firm; dress it in flowers, designs, or moulds, according to imagination and fancy, and bake as the Biscuits.

Biscuits A La Glace - Iced Biscuits

Make a composition as directed for Biscuits de Turin, page 430, which bake in large Biscuit-moulds; when cold, take up the upper part handsomely without breaking it, and use the Inside-crumbs as directed in Bonnet de Turquie a la Glace. The Ice being ready, put the Biscuits in Paper-moulds, and serve directly.

Biscuits De Pistachies. Pistachio-nuts Biscuits

They are done in the same manner as those of Almonds; as are those also of Avelines, viz. Filberts.