IF you would have it of a fine white, peel some Golden Pippins, cut them in two, and take out the Cores; put them into cold Water as you prepare them; then boil them with a little Water, a quarter of a pound of raw Sugar, and a few slices of Lemon; boil on a slow Fire, and when they are done very tender, take them out gently, to put into the Compotier; sift the Syrup through a Sieve, reduce it to the second Degree, (grand Lisse) and serve upon the Apples. Observe, that this is meant for a small quantity; for more, proportion the Sugar according to taste for sweetness, and the Lemon the same; cut a little off the Rind of the Lemon to mix with the Compote.

Compote Bourgeoise - Common Family Way

Being rubbed very clean, cut the Apples without paring, take out the Hearts, prick each piece in several places with the point of a Knife, and boil with a little Water and Sugar: It is sufficiently done when the Apples are tender. - This will do for present use, but will not keep any time, unless the Syrup is reduced to a stronger consistence.

Compote De Gelee Blanche - Compote Of White Jelly

Cut six or eight Golden Pippins into slices, boil them in a little Water to a Marmalade, sift it in a Sieve, and mix with it a pound of clarified Sugar; put in six or eight Golden Pippins whole, being peeled and gored properly, and boil all together till the Apples are done tender; take them out gently to put into the Compotier, or what kind of Dish you please; sift the Syrup again through a Sieve, reduce it on the Fire till it quits the Spoon like a strong Jelly, then let it cool on a plate, and Hide it upon the Apples, which may be done by warming the Plate a moment.

Compote A La Cloche - Bell Or Cap Fashion, Black Caps

Cut the Apples in two without peeling; cut out the Hearts, or take them out at one end, without parting the Apples; put them on a Baking-plate, with Sugar-powder under and over, and a little Water; bake in the Oven, or with a Brazing-pan Cover upon a How Stove. - They are also done after this manner, with bits of Cinnamon and Lemon-rind stuck in the Apples, red or white Wine in the Dish instead of Water, and more Sugar to correct the sharpness of the Wine.

Compote De Pommes Farcies - Stuffed Apples

Are done as the white Compote, if you chuse to stuff them with the same Marmalade; otherwise boil Apples pretty much gored, with a little Water, Sugar clarified, and bits of Lemon-peel: When done tender, stuff the Apples with Apricot Marmalade, or any other sort; sift and reduce the Syrup to a Jelly, let it cool on a Plate, and just warm it when you want to garnish the Apples with it.

Compotes Grillees-broiled Or Fried Compote

Such Compotes as have been served, or begin to lose their colour and goodness, may be made ser-viceable still, by putting the Fruits into a Frying-pan, with a little of the Syrup; colour them on both sides, take them out, and add a little raw Sugar to the Sy-rup, which reduce to a Caramel; masquerade the Fruits, either by pouring it over, or by rolling them therein: Serve on a Plate or Compotier, Compote de Pommes en Gelee rouge.