Confiture De Mures. Of Mulberries

Refine three quarters of a pound of Sugar, au grand Perle, to one pound of Mulberries; simmer them a moment in the Sugar, and stir them about in the same manner as directed for Goosberrics; leave them in the Sugar till the next day, and boil the Sugar again to the same degree; then put the Fruits in it, and they are ready for potting.

Of Violets

Prepare the Sugar an petit Life, (first degree;) after clarifying, put the Violets in it till the next day, and boil together a few minutes till they are done.

De Fleurs D'orange; Of Orange - Flowers

Prepare them as Marmalade as far as the pounding; when properly drained, put them into warm clarified Sugar, one pound to a quarter of flowers; boil them a few minutes for three days successively before potting.

Confiture De PÍches Ou Pavis - Of Peaches Of Nectarines

They ought to be alrnost ripe; peel and cut them in halves, simmer them in boiling Water till they rise on the surface, and then drain them; boil them in clarified Sugar till they have done scumming, leave them therein till the next day; drain them out, and boil the Sugar au grand Liss'e, (second degree,) add the Fruits to it to boil a moment, and repeat the same again the next day; let the Sugar and Fruits incorporate together two days before potting, and keep the Pan in a warm place; the proportion is of Fruits and Sugar in equal quantities.

Confiture D'epine Vinette - Of Barberries

They ought to be quite ripe; boil them a few minutes in Sugar prepared grande Plume, a pound and a quarter to one pound of Fruits; let them rest two or three hours in the Sugar; then boil again to bring it to a good Syrup consistence.

Confiture De Verjus, Of Verjuice Grapes

Use them when full grown, but not ripe; cut a little opening on one side, to take out the Seed, and put them into boiling Water a moment; as soon as they turn colour take them out, and add some cold Water to them; leave them in this manner till they turn green again; then drain them very well to boil in clarified Sugar a moment, one pound of Sugar to each pound of Grapes; let them soak in two thirds of the Sugar till the next day, then drain them; boil the Sugar, with the remaining part, a moment, covered up, and then pour it upon the Fruits; repeat the same again the next day, boiling again to the third degree, (grand Liss'e) then put the Grapes to it, and boil a moment moment together, till the Sugar is refined to the next degree; they are then fit for keeping.

Confiture De Coings, Of Liquid Quinces

Use them when ripe, and boil them in Water till they feel tender; drain and cool them in cold Water, to peel and cut into quarters; take out the Hearts, drain them very dry, and boil them slowly in an equal weight of Sugar, prepared an grande Lisse, (second degree) take the Pan off the Fire to skim it, and simmer till you find they are quite tender; then take them out of the Sugar gently to boil it by itself to the fourth degree, (grande Perle) put the Quinces in it while it is still warm, and put them into Pots for keeping: If you would have them red, add a proper quantity of Cochineal to the Sugar in the last boiling, and finish in the same manner.