For Red, take Beet-root baked and pounded, put a little Cullis to it, and sift it in a Stamine, taking care that it be pretty thick: You may make a little thin Paste of it, which cut to what form or slower you please, to be applied upon any thing you have a mind to flourish; basting the Meat first with Whites of Eggs to make the Colour stick, and then putting it into the oven a moment, just to dry it.

Yellow is made with Yolks of hard Eggs pounded, and a little Cullis, and fisted as the former.

Green is made with Spinach, scalded and pounded, and finished in the same manner; and the like may be done of any others.

Cochineal and Saffron also make very good Colours; and if you mix a little melted Ifinglass with each, it Will make the Jelly stronger, and fitter to cut into different shapes, with which you may garnish any cold Dishes, according to fancy.