Put half a pound of Flour upon the Table; make a hole in the middle, and put therein six ounces of fine Sugar-powder, a small glass of Orange-slower Water, and as much Brandy; work these to a malleable Paste, adding a little Water, if the Liquid already used is not sufficient; form the Jumbals to what shape you please, put them in Water ready to boil, stir them about, and as they rise to the surface, take them out with a Skimmer, and drain them on a Sieve; bake them in a moderate Oven; when done of a fine colour, take them out, and glaze the tops with Feathers dipped in the clear Liquid of Whites of Eggs beat up. This Water is found under the Froth after fettling a little; and it will dry with the heat of the Buns.