Pound some sweet Almonds very fine, and a few bitter ones with them; add pounded Sugar, and a few drops of Orange-slower Water while pounding, for fear they should turn oily; when done, mix them with their weight of Sugar, and some Whites of Eggs beat up, four to each pound of Almonds and Sugar; when this is all well worked together, drop it upon white Paper in small nuts, and bake in a soft Oven; they require but a short time. When done of a fine colour, you may glaze some with white Glaze, or any other colour: They are more useful without glazing, as they make a part in many Pastes, and in most Creams, Macarons en Canellon. Longways, Macaroni Biscuits. Pound half a pound of sweet Almonds, with a little Whites of Eggs instead of Orange-slower Water; mix to half a pound of raw Sugar-powder, two ounces of Rice-flour, four Whites of Eggs beat up as usual, and dress them upon white Paper in the form of Sausages; bake in a soft Oven, and glaze with what you think proper, or you may omit the glazing.

Macarons Au Liquide - With Cream Or Marmalade

'They are prepared as the first, except the bitter Almonds; when dressing upon the Paper, make a small cavity in the middle, to put a little Marmalade or good thick Cream in; cover the hole with the same Paste, and finish as usual