(This is what is commonly called Rock Sweet-meat.)

First prepare different colours as directed, page 539, dissolve an ounce of Gum-dragon in the colours, and sift it in a Cloth with expression; pound it in a Mortar with Sugar sufficient to bring it to the consistence of a supple Paste; form this Paste in what manner you please, in the shape of Fruits, or Rocks, Pyramids, or any thing else; join them with Caramel Sugar, and dry them in the Stove, or in any moderate heat.

Des Meringues, Batter Of Whites Of Eggs

Take White of Eggs well beat up, as much Sugar as will make it of the Consistence of a thick Batter, and a little rasped Lemon-peel; drop it in small drops upon white Paper, strew Powder-sugar over, and bake in a very moderate heat: When done, glue two drops together with Caramel Sugar, and put a bit of Sweet-meat between; This is made of what size is most agreeable.