Poularde Au Gros Sel Fowl Plain Boiled

Truss the Legs of the Fowl in the inside, scald it a moment, and boil it in the Soup-pot (or by it-self) about an hour and a half. It is done sufficiently when the Leg gives under the pressure of the finger. Serve with its own Broth, or a little of any other, and Salt over it. - You may also dress it the same way to garnish any sorts of Soups.

Poularde Au Court Bouillon - A Fowl In Its Own Gravy

Truss it as the former, and lard it through and through with Lard, Ham, and Parsley; put it into a Pan much of its own bigness, with a bit of Butter, two slices of Lemon, a Faggot, Thyme, half a Leaf of Laurel, two Cloves, sliced Onions, bits of Carrots, Pepper and Salt, a glass of white Wine, and' as much Broth; simrner slowly, skim and sift the Sauce, and serve it with the Fowl, adding proper Seasoning.

Poularde Au Réveil Fowl Au Réveil, Viz. With A Quick, Sharp Sauce

Prepare a Fowl for roasting; make a Farce with the Liver, scraped Lard, two or three Tarragon Leaves, a little Chervil, Burnet, Garden Cresses, Pepper, Salt, and two Yolks of Eggs; stuff the Fowl with it, wrap it in slices of Lard and Paper, and roast it: Make a Sauce with a few of the above Herbs pounded, one Anchovy, and a few Capers: add a little Cullis, and sift it; then add some more Cullis, a little Mustard, Pepper and Salt, and warm without boiling.

Poularde A La Royale - Fowl Court Fashion

Stuff it with a well-rafted cold Ragout made of Sweet-breads, fat Livers, and Mushrooms; few it up, and roast it, covered with slices of Lard and Paper; Serve with a Ragout of Pistachio-nuts, which you make by simmering a handful in a Stew-pan, with a bit of Butter, Jelly Broth, a spoonful of good Cullis, Pepper and Salt.

Poulards A La Servante - Fowls In A Plain Way

Prepare a Fowl for roasting, and make a Farce with the Liver, Parsley, Shallots, a bit of Butter, Pepper, Salt, and a little Basil; stuff the Fowl with, it, and roast it wrapped in slices of Lard and Paper; When three parts done, take off the Paper and Lard; roaste it all over with Yolks of Eggs beat up with melted Butter, sprinkle Crumbs of Bread over it in abundance, and finish the Fowl of a fine yellow Colour: Make a Sauce with a bit of Butter, one chopped Anchovy, a few Capers, a little Flour, two spoon-fuls of Broth, Nutmeg, Pepper and Salt; form a Liaison like a white Sauce, and serve it under the Fowl.

Poularde Au Duc - Fowl, The Duke's, Or His Grace's Fashion

Make a Ragout with Sweet-breads and Mushrooms, put it into a Stew-pan, with half a glass of white Wine, two spoonfuls of Cullis, as much Broth, a Faggot, half a clove of Garlick, a few Basil Leaves, a little Flour, and two Cloves; boil it till three parts lone, reduce the Sauce thick, take out the Faggot, and let it cool: Cut out the Breast-bone of a good Fowl, ard it like Fricandeaux, and stuff it with the Ragout; braze it in Broth, with a few slices of Lard, a faggot of sweet Herbs, and two slices of Lemon: When done, sift the Sauce, reduce it to a Caramel, and glaze the larded part of the Fowl: Serve under it a Pontiff Sauce, or any other.