AS the Sands are made with the Colours used in Con-fectionary, I shall here give their explanation. They may be used upon several other occasions, as ne-cessity requires, or fancy leads.

De La Couleur Rouge

Of red Colour, and how to make it. Boil an ounce of Cochineal in half a pint of Water for about five minutes; then add half an ounce of Cream of Tartar, and half an ounce of pounded Al-lum; boil on a slow Fire about as long again: It is easily known to be done, by dipping a Pen or a wooden Skewer into it, and writing therewith on white Paper, for if it writes freely like Ink, and keeps its colour, it is done; take it off the Fire, add half a quarter of a pound of Sugar, and let it settle; pour the clear off, to keep in a Bottle well flopped.

De La Couleur Bleue - Of Blue Colour

This colour is only made for present use; put a lit-tle warm Water into a Plate, and rub an Indigo Stone in it, until the colour is come to what tint you please, either pale, or deep Blue.

De La Couleur Jaune - Of The Yellow Colour

It is done after the same manner, by pouring a little Water into a Plate, and rubbing it with a bit of Gamboge. It is also done better with yellow Lily: Take the Heart of the slower, infuse it in milk-warm Water, and preserve it in a Bottle well flopped. Or with the flowers dried and pulverised as Violets, and kept for this use.

De La Couleur Verte - Of Green Colour

Trim the Leaves of Spinach, boil them a moment in Water, and then drain them very well to pound; sift the Juice in a Sieve for use.

Of these Cardinal colours, you may make any alteration in imitation of Painters, by mixing to what shade you please: But taste and fancy are the only guides.


Manière de faire les Sables, How to make the Sands. Clarify some Sugar, as directed in Sugar Articles, and put what quantity you please upon the Fire, with a sufficiency of Colouring to produce the tint you want; boil it till it comes to the ninth Degree of refining, (viz. La grande Plume) then take it off the Fire, work it constantly till it returns to Sugar again, and form it into Sand by sifting in a Sieve. Mix the different colours in this manner. - This Sand serves to prepare any sorts of flowers or designs upon Desert Glass-frames. You may also make Sands with old Sugar-preserve, by pounding and sifting it in a Sieve.