Brochet D L'allemande. Pike German Fashion

Keep the Pike killed a day or two, then clean it whole, and put it into a Fish-kettle, with two bottles of red Wine, (or in proportion more or less, according to the bigness) a large faggot of Sweet Herbs, Pepper, Salt, three or four Cloves, two Laurel-leaves, Thyme, and a little Basil; boil it some time, then set fire to the Wine with a bit of Paper, and let it burn until it is reduced to about a pint; then take out the Faggot, and stir in a bit of Butter about the bigness of an Egg, to incorporate with the Wine, and continue to add Butter in this manner, until the Sauce is well mixed and pretty thick: Serve quick and hot, for fear the Sauce should turn to Oil.

Brochet A L'espagnole, Pike Spanish Fashion

Cut a Pike by the Gills, without opening the Belly, clean it well, and lard it all round with half Bacon and half Ham; stuff it with a Farce made of roasted Poultry, Beef-marrow, and Seasoning as usual, with two or three glasses of white Wine, and Yolks of Eggs; roast it wrapped in slices of Lard and Paper, and baste it with Butter and white Wine boiled together: When done, serve a Spanish Sauce under it: You will find how to make it in the Sauce Articles..

Brochet A L'arlequine - Pike Of Various Colours

Cut a pretty large Pike into four or six pieces, and lard each with Lard, Ham, Girkins, and Truffles, through and through; put them into a Stew-pan, with a pint of white Wine, a Faggot, two Cloves, whole Pepper, and some good Broth, and boil on a smart fire till the Liquor is quite reduced: Serve with a Ragout a l'Arlequine. See Ragout Articles.