Li'evre En Haricot, Hare In A Harricot

Make a brown Sauce with Butter and Flour; cut a Hare into pieces and give it a fry in this, then add half a pint of white Wine, a spoonful of Vinegar, a little Broth, a faggot of Parsley, Shallots, one clove of Garlick, two of Spices, Thyme and Laurel, a little Veal Gravy, whole Pepper and Salt: When half done, add scalded Turneps cut properly, and fry bits of Bread in Butter to garnish the Dish: When the Hare is done, take out the Faggot, and as much of the Spices as you can; skim the Sauce well, and serve the Hare covered with the Turneps.

Levreau En Repine, & Gratin - Leveret, In Cowl And Glazed

TheSE are done after the same manner as all such directions, being boned, the Meat filled with a good Forced-meat, and finished in the oven: Serve with a relishing Sauce for cither.

Filets De Levreau Aux Legumes - Fillets Of Hare With Stewed Greens

Cut the remainder of a roasted Hare into Fillets; warm it upon the Dish you intend for table, with a little Broth, Salt, and a few drops of Vinegar, but do not let it boil: When ready, pour the Sauce out, and serve the Hare with a Ragout of Cucumbers, Endive, Celery, or any other Greens.

Boudins De Levrean - Black Puddings Made Of Hare Or Leveret

They are prepared like all other sorts of Puddings, with the Blood of the Hare; and may be put into the Guts of a Hog, or any other, as those of the Hare would be very apt to burst in the cleaning: Turkies or Lambs Blood will do equally well.

Filets De Levreau Aux Anchois - Fillets Of Hare, With Anchovies

Cut out the Fillets of one or two Leverets whole; lard them with Fillets of Anchovies soaked in Water some time, and simmer them between two Dishes for about half an hour, with Butter, a little Pepper, and half a dozen of fine chopped Shallots; then put the Fillets upon the Table-dish: Put a little Cullis into the Stew-pan, with a large spoonful of Verjuice, and a bit of Butter rolled in Flour; keep it on the fire until it becomes pretty thick, and serve upon the Fillets. - The remainder of the Leverets will serve either for a Civet or a Pie, or to make a Coulis au Fume; or to serve with any sorts of Game, Leyreau a la Minute.

Hare Dressed Quick, In A Moment

Light a good stove while you are drawing the Leveret. Cut it into middling pieces, boil the Liver, and put all together into a Stew-pan, with a good piece of Butter, Pepper and Salt, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, and half a clove of Garlick; cover it well, and turn it in about eight minutes; it will be finished in about a quarter of an hour, if the Leveret has been properly kept: Dress the Meat upon the Table-dish, put a little Broth and Vinegar to. the Sauce, to gather the Seasoning, and serve upon the Hare: The Sauce ought to be pretty thick.