Under this denomination are comprehended Partridges, Pheasants, Quails, Rails Land and Water, Larks, Thrushes, Black-birds, Wood-pigeons, Wood-cocks, Thrushes, Moor-hens, Land and Water Teal, Plovers, Ducks, wild and tame, etc. Hares, Leverets, Rabbits, old and young, etc.

Lapreaux En Cailles - Rabbits Roasted As Quails

Cut one or two Rabbits into several pieces, take out the Back-bone, and marinate them about an hour with a little Oil, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mush-rooms, Pepper and Salt; then wrap each piece in a Vine-leaf, and a thin slice of Bacon, with as much of the Marinate as you can, and roast them: When al-most done, strip them to take colour, and serve with what Sauce you think proper. - You may also do them in Cowl, or in the oven, or broil them slowly.

Lapreaux Au Pontife - Rabbits, Pontiff Sauce

Cut two large Rabbits into Fillets of a middling size, and marinate them as before, for an hour or two; then tie them up, with all the Marinate, in slices of Lard and Paper, and roast them as you do Pork Astlets; put them afterwards into a Pontiff Sauce, well finished, and warm all together without boiling. -Young Rabbits are sometimes trusscd like Partridges, and also as Chickens to roast, etc.

Lapreaux A L'escalope - Rabbit Collops

Cut the Fillets of one or two Rabbits into thin slices, and put them into a Stew-pan upon a slice of Ham and a few slices of Veal, a little Butter or Oil, Pepper and Salt, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, and a few thin slices of Bacon for covering; soak these on a slow fire about a quarter of an hour, then add a glass of white Wine, and finish the brazing; take out the Fillets, drain the Fat off, sift the Braze, add a little Cullis, skim it very clean, and serve upon the Fillets; you may add a Lemon Squeeze, if the Wine does not make the Sauce sharp enough. When so brazed, you may put them to what Sauce you please, or into a white or brown Fricaflee, or Gratin, etc. &.c.

Lapreaux En Galantine - Rabbits In Marbled Cake

This is done as all other sorts of Meat under the same denomination; being thoroughly boned, stuffed with a good raw Forced-meat, and brazed to eat cold. - Rabbits may be dressed in every Respect as Chickens. - I shall only give the different names for the satisfation of the Reader; whereby it will easily appear, that a repetition of every Article in the dressing would only be tedious and without improvement.

Lapreaux Aux Pois. Rabbit With Grean Peas - Roulades De Lapreaux. Rabbits Rolled Like A Large Sau-sage, With Stuffin Lapreaux En Papillottes. Rabbits Broiled In Paper - Lapreaux Marines

Rabbits marinated to fry.

Lapreaux En Fricass'ee

Fricassee of Rabbits, white or brown.

Cuisses De Lapreaux A La Dauphine

Legs of Rabbits, a` la Dauphine, as all others under this name.

Filets De Lapreaux En Surprise

Sham Fillets made of Veal and Farce.

Lapreaux En Ragout De Plusieurs Fašons

Ragout of Rabbits, different manners.