Wash the Rice several times in warm Water, then boil it in a little Water till it bursts, pour boiled Milk upon it, by little and little, as it thickens; keep it on a slow Fire about two hours or more, adding a little Salt and Sugar: You may also boil a bit of Cinnamon in the Milk, or a bit of Lemon-peel, or both. - The Gruel is only Rice boiled in Milk or Water some time; let it settle, and clear it off, to drink as a cooling Liquor, like Barley Water, etc.

Ris Au Caramel - Rice Glazed With Sugar-caramel

Boil some Rice in Milk very tender, and pretty thick; mix it with preserved Orange-flowers, rasped Lemon-peel, and a little Salt; make a brown Caramel with Sugar, and a little Water; pour a little of it into the bottom of the Table-dish, place the Rice upon it, and then pour some Caramel handsomely over the Rice, and all round.

Ris soufflé; when the Rice is prepared as the last, all to the Caramel, put it into the Dish, and five or six frothed Whites of Eggs upon it, raised as high as possible; put it into a pretty smart Oven, and keep it there, or in any warm place, till you are ready to serve. It is also called Meringue.