Although it seems very easy to roast any kind of Meat, nevertheless there is a certain point of roast-ing very necessary to be observed, according to the quality of the Meat, so that it may be served with its proper flavour and goodness. Large pieces are only to be judged of by the time, or feeling under the finger, and are very forward when they begin to burst into small smoaking bladders; a little use and proper attention will guide the young Cook, in point 6f time, to the greatest exactness.

I will give directions for preparing Poultry and Game. As each season furnishes some things different, it will not be unnecessary to exhibit a few examples of what we can give for Roast, and of the choice of each season in the year.

So far the Author. As a Translator, I found it necessary to be particularly acquainted with the English productions of this kind, as is already mentioned in my Preface. And although these are before given with other productions, I shall here lay down each article, whereby seasonable Roast may be more readily found out.

Du Printems. Of The Spring

The production of Poultry, according to the London market, in the Spring are, Ducklings scalded, Green-Geese, Turkey-polts, wild Pigeons, tame Pigeons, Squab ditto, Quails, wild Stop-rabbits, Guinea Fowls, Pea Fowls, Capons, Pullards, Pullets with Eggs, Spring Fowls, and Chickens.

N. B. Wild Ducks, Teals, Widgeons, Easterlings, Dun-birds, Bus-serds and Woodcocks, are going out of season. Other articles to be had of the poulterers are, a dish of Combs, fat Livers, knots of Eggs, Turkey Pinions, Leverets, Plovers Eggs, and Rabbits.

De L'et'e Of Summer

Dry-Pulled Geese and Ducks, wild Rabbits, Wheat-ears, wild Pigeons, Fowls, dry-pulled Tur-kies, tame Pigeons, large Fowls, middling Fowls, Chickens, Guinea Fowls and Chickens, Quails, Leverets. Giblets to be had of the Poulterers.

De L'automne - Of Autumn

Geese and tame Ducks in perfection, Moor-hens, large and middling Fowls, Chickens, Quails, Hares, Pheasants, Partridges, Wood-cocks, Snipes, Larks, Wood-pigeons, Land and Water Reals.

N, B. Wild Ducks, Teals, Widgeons, and Dun-birds, are coming into Season. Giblets also to be had.

De L'hyver - Of Winter

Large Cock Turkies, Men Turkies, large wild Rabbits, ditto Ducks, (dry-pulled Geese and Ducks, though almost out of season) 'Larks, Snipes, Wood-cocks, Plovers, Bustards, Capons, Pullards, middling Fowls, Chickens, Quails, Pheasants, Partridges, Hares. Although some few of these articles do not absolutely agree with the Game Act, they never-theless are in season at present.

N. B. Pheasants, Partridges, and Hares, are not be found at market.