The female is more esteemed than the male, and both are better when they keep together, and feed upon green corn. The Meat ought to be kept long before it is used. The best part of the Boar is the Head, which is mostly brazed and served cold. The Fore-quarter is larded, roasted, and served with a sharp Sauce in a Boat: the Hind-quarter is dressed as a` la Mode Beef, or Dobe; and also prepared as Pickled Pork. - Any further direction is of very little use in England, as what we see here comes from abroad, which is seldom any thing else but the Head. The Germans are best acquainted with their different qualities and uses, and make those smocked Sausages of Wild Boar's Flesh, which are much esteemed, both in England and other countries.

Sanglier A La Daube

Leg of Wild Boar dobed. Lard it thoroughly with large pieces, seasoned with fine Spices, chopped Garlick, Shallots, and Par-sley; put it into a Brazing-pan much of its own big- ness, with slices of Bacon, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, sliced Onions, all sorts of Roots, a large faggot of sweet Herbs, Cloves, whole Pepper, and Trimmings of any sorts of Meat; soak it about half an hour, then add two or three glasses of Brandy, a pint of white Wine and Broth; braze slowly for about seven or eight hour, then let it cool in the Braze; skim the Fat off, and serve the Jelly with the Meat.

Hure De Sanglier A` La Braise. Boar's Head Brazed

Scald the Head over a Charcoal fire to clean it, and scrape it well with a knife; then bone it as tar as the Eyes, without cutting the Skin; lard the inside as the Leg in the last Receipt, with all the same Seasoning; tie it up in a coarse cloth, and braze it at least six hours with all sorts of Spices and Roots, one Lemon, three bottles of red Wine, and one of Water; reduce the liquid to half, let it cool in the Braze, and serve it cold.

Sanglier Sangller A La Poivrade

Roasted, and served with a sharp Sauce. Lard a Neck as before; roast it, basting with red Wine; serve with it a relishing Sauce, as a` la Ni-vernoise, a la Poivrade, Sauce Piquante, or Sauce d'Acide, which you will find in the Sauce Articles.

Sanglier En Petit Sale - Pickled

It is done in the same way as Pork. - Sanglier a` la Mode, is much the same as a` la Daube.

Boudins De Sanglier. Black Puddings of Wild Boar

Black Puddings of Wild Boar, They are done in the same manner as those of Pork Sausages to dry. Chop six pounds of the Meat, with three of the Lard, or in proportion; six ounces of Salt, half an ounce of Pepper, half an ounce of pounded Mace, and half a pint of sweet Wine; mix these well together, and put them in a Pan, well covered, for about four-and-twenty hours: If you would have them very red, add half an ounce of Saltpetre, pounded with the rest: Then cut a couple of Hog's Ears into small fillets, and mix them with the Meat I fill the Guts, let them drain about for-and-twenty hours, and hang them in the chimney until they are quite dry. You will boil them, when you have occa-sion, in Broth or Water, with sliced Onions, a Fag-got, and bits of Roots: Serve cold upon a napkin.