TO make a proper Paste for any sort of Designs or flowers in moulds, work a little fine Flour with some Orange-slower Water, one, two, or more new-laid Eggs, according to the quantity proposed, Butter accordingly, and Spanish Wine only sufficient to keep the Paste pretty firm; form it to what shape you please, or in moulds, and bake to three parts in a mild Oven; take them out to glaze with hot Sugar prepared au grande Plume, and put them again into tho Oven to finish the baking and colouring.

Pâté Pour Des Petits Ronds. Paste For Small Hoops Or Rings, Etc

Beat up Whites of Eggs with Sugar-powder, and a little Orange-slower Water; soak it on the Fire till it comes pretty dry; form the Rings to what big-ness you think proper, or in lumps, as Macaroni-drops, or any other forms; lay them upon white Paper, and bake in a very moderate heat; make them of what colour you think proper, by colouring the Paste.