Saucissesa La Saint Cloud - Sausages, Saint Cloud Fashion

Put as many Sausages into a Stew-pan as you think proper, with two glasses of white wine, and one or two spoonfuls of Oil; simmer them slowly; when done, drain the Sausages, skim the Fat, add a little Cullis, and reduce to the Consistence of a Sauce: Serve upon the Sausages.

Saucissesa La Sainte Menehoult - Broiled Sausages

Fry half a dozen sliced Onions in Butter; when done let them cool, and add two chopped Anchovies, Pepper, a little pounded Aniseed, and rasped Lard; mix all well together to make a Farce; boil the Sausages about a quarter of an hour, with a glafs of white Wine and Broth, then peel the Guts off, and garnish them round with the Forced-meat, and tie them up in bits of Cowl; dip them in melted Butter, and strew them with Bread Crumbs; put them into the oven for about half an hour to take a good colour, and to bake the Cowl: Serve upon a Cullis Sauce with a Lemon Squeeze.

Saucisses Out Fines Herbes - Sausages With Sweet Herbs

Garnish a Stew-pan with a few slices of Fillet of Veal and Ham, and soak them about half an hour; then put in your Sausages, with two cloves of Garlick, a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, a little sprig of Fennel, Thyme, Laurel, two Cloves, chopped Mushrooms and Shallots; add a glass of white Wine, and boil on a slow fire about half an hour; take out the Garlick and faggot, and add a little Cullis; skim the Fat very clean, sift the Sauce in a sieve, season it with Pepper and Salt, add a Lemon Squeeze, and serve upon the Sausages.

Saucisses Au Gratin - Sausages Au Gratin, Viz. Catching To The Dish

Boil short thick Sausages in a little white Wine, with two Cloves, Thyme, Laurel, one Onion sliced, and one clove of. Garlick; when done, peel the Guts off, and dip them in Butter mixed with Mustards, then roll them in rasped Parmesan Cheese; have as many bits of fried Bread as Sausages, and as long; garnish the bottom of the Dish you intend to serve with a little Cullis and Bread Crumbs; put it on ashes fire, and mix a little Parmesan with it; then lay in a bit of the fried Bread and a Sausage, and so on till you have done; leave it on the fire until it forms a Gratin; colour the top of the Sausages with the salamander, and serve upon them a good clear Cullis.

Saucisses En Ragout Ou Purée, Sausages As Ragout, Or With Any Sorts Of Porridge

Pork and Veal Sausages may be dressed in many different ways. Being boiled with a glass of Wine and Broth, and a faggot of sweet Herbs, you may serve them with what Sauce you think proper; with stewed Turneps, Cabbages, or any other sorts of Garden Greens; also with Peas or Lentil Porridge. You may braze them with Truffles, putting a glass of white Wine into a small Brazing-pan, then sliced Truffles, then Sausages, and so on; cover it over with thin slices of Lard, stop the Pan very close, and simmer on a very slow fire: When done, add a little Cullis and Consommee, give it a boil to skim the Fat, and serve upon the Sausages and Truffles. The last is called a l' Estousade; viz. Stifled. - The same of any other Dishes after the same manner.