Take Fresh Hog's Meat, (more fat than lean) chop it well together, and season with Salt and fine Spices; do not fill the Guts too full; broil on a slow fire.

Saucisses En Crepinettes - Sausages In Cowl

It is the same sort of Meat, wrapped in Veal Cowl, which you do to what bigness you please, and broil slowly. It is equally good, and takes lefs time in doing. It may also be broiled or fried without being wrapped in any thing, but only rolled out to what length and bigness you please.

Saucisses De Veau En Crepinettes. Veal Sausages In Cowl

Take of Fillet of Veal, according to what quantity of Sausages you would make, and chop it very fine; take also as much Beef Marrow cut in small dice, and mix it very well with the Veal, seasoning according to taste; broil in Veal or Pork Cowl as the above. These may be varied to any taste, the same as Pork or any others.

Saucisses De Plusieurs Fašons - Sausages Of Different Sorts

OF whatever taste you would make your Sausages, always have full as much, or more fat than lean Meat. If you would give them the taste of Garlick, scald it some time before you chop it to mix with the Meat. - Parsley must be managed the same way; and Onions must be fried till almost done before mixing; taking care that the flavour is not too strong of any of them. - You may also use Truffles chopped very fine and mixed with the Meat; such as have been used before for any other purpose, either boiled, or in pies, may serve again for this.

Saucisses De Champagne - Sausages With Champaign Wine

Chop lean Pork Meat rather coarsly, cut the Fat. into dice, and season with Salt and fine Spices; then add a pint of Champaign Wine, mix it well with the Meat, and let it marinate about ten or twelve hours; then drain your Wine, and make your Sausages as before; hang them in the chimney for two days, and boil as in all other directions.

Timbale De Boudin - Pudding In Moulds

Slice seven or eight middling Onions, and fry them in Lard over a slow fire, until they are quite done; take them off the fire, and add chopped Shallots, Parsley, Salt and fine Spices, eight raw Yolks of Eggs, a pound of Lard, and three half pints of Hog's Blood; mix all well together; garnish the bottom of your Mould, or Stew-pan, with thin slices of Bacon, and upon this a bit of Cowl, as large as the Pan; fasten it at top, and bake it in the oven of a middling heat; when you judge it to be done enough, turn it over gently upon the Dish; take off the Bacon, wipe the Fat, and pour over it a Cullis Sauce, with Pepper and Salt.

Saucissesa La Mariniere - Sausages, The Sailor's Fashion

Fry a dozen of small Onions in Butter, with a faggot of Parsley, Shallots, a clove of Garlick, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, and two Cloves; simmer slowly until the Onions are done; take out the faggot, add a little Flour and a pint of red Wine; make it boil, and put in it what quantity of Sausages you please; reduce to the Consistence of a Sauce. A little before serving, skim the Fat clean off, add a pounded Anchovy, a few small Capers, and a drop of Vinegar; garnish the Dish with fried Bread.