A nice steak of beef or veal; pound it with a steak mallet, if tough; lay in a baking tin, dredge it lightly with flour, season with salt and pepper, and if you like, a little chopped parsley; then put in the oven and bake for twenty or thirty minutes, or until sufficiently well done; take it up, put it on the platter, spread with butter, and dredge into the juices of the meat in the baking pan, a little flour, and season with butter; let this boil up, and pour over the steak. This is very nice.

Side Dish

R. A. Sibley. Chopped cold meat well seasoned; wet with gravy, if convenient, put it on a platter; then take cold rice made moist with milk and one egg, season with pepper and salt; if not sufficient rice, add powdered bread crumbs ; place this around the platter quite thick; set in oven to heat and brown.

Another Side Dish

R. A. Sibley. Cold turkey, chicken or any cold meat, chopped fine, seasoned with salt, pepper and gravy ; lay pie crust round the edge of the platter, and cover the same; bake a nice brown in the oven. Very little meat makes a dish for several persons.