Ham And Eggs

Anonymous. Take pieces of cold ham chopped, and after cooking, add beaten eggs to suit your taste.

Baked Eggs

Mrs. L. M. Angle.

Break six or seven eggs into a buttered dish, taking care that each is whole, and does not encroach upon the others so much as to mix or disturb the yolks; sprinkle with pepper and salt, and put a bit of butter upon each. Put into an oven and bake until the whites are set. This is far superior to fried eggs, and very nice for breakfast, served on toast or alone.

Poached Eggs

Break as many eggs as you wish to use, one at a time, and drop carefully into a spider filled with boiling water. When the whites of the eggs are well set, slip a spoon carefully under and take out, laying each upon a small piece of buttered toast on the platter. Put a very small piece of butter on each egg, a slight dash of pepper, and serve immediately.

Egg Baskets

Mrs. F. M. Cragin.

Make these for breakfast the day after you have had roast chicken, duck, or turkey for dinner. Boil six eggs hard, cut neatly in half and extract the yolks; rub these to a paste with some melted butter, pepper and salt and set aside. Pound the minced meat of the cold fowl fine in the same manner and mix with the egg paste, moistening with melted butter as you proceed, or with a little gravy if you have it to spare; cut off a slice from the hollowed whites of the egg to make them stand; fill in with the paste; arrange close together upon a flat dish and pour over them the gravy left from yesterday's roast, heated boiling hot, and mellowed by a few spoons of cream or rich milk.

Escaloped Eggs

Put into a buttered baking dish a layer of bread-crumbs moistened with milk or meat broth. Have ready some hard boiled eggs; prepare a thick drawn butter gravy, to which you must add a well-beaten egg. (There need be but a small quantity of this, not more than half a teacup for five eggs.) In the drawn butter dip each slice of egg and place a layer upon the bread crumbs ; sprinkle these with minced meat of ham, veal, or chicken. Upon this place another layer of bread crumbs and eggs and meat until you have used all the eggs • cover with sifted bread crumbs and heat well through.