Cranberry Sauce

Mrs. Bartlett.

One quart cranberries, one quart water, one quart sugar, stew slowly.

Pic Nic Lemon Butter

Etta C. Springer.

Grate the rind, add juice of three lemons, one pound sugar, two ounces butter, three eggs; mix together, let come to boil; stir all the time.

Lemon Butter

Mrs. D. S. Munger.

Beat six eggs, one-fourth pound butter, one pound sugar, the rind and juice of three lemons; mix together and set it in a pan of hot water to cook. Very nice for tarts, or to eat with bread.

Peach Butter

Mrs. M. L.

Take pound for pound of peaches and sugar; cook peaches alone until they become soft, then put in one-half the sugar, and stir for one-half an hour; then the remainder of sugar, and stir an hour and a half. Season with cloves and cinnamon.

Tomato Butter

Mrs. Johnson.

Nine pounds peeled tomatoes, three pounds sugar, one pint vinegar, three tablespoons cinnamon, one tablespoon cloves, one and one-half tablespoons allspice ; boil three or four hours until quite thick, and stir often, that it may not burn.