Wheat Gems

Mrs. W. H. Ovington. One pint milk, two eggs, flour enough to make a batter not very stiff, two large spoons melted butter, yeast to raise them, a little soda and salt. Bake in gem irons.


Mrs. H. P. Stowell. A heaping tea saucer of Graham flour, one-half teacup of white flour, mix with sweet milk or water until somewhat thicker than griddle-cake batter. In the meantime, have your gem-irons a little greased, heating on top of the stove. Bake in a hot oven and in twenty-five minutes you have a dish for your breakfast that is rightly named. Have tried them with and without salt, and we think the latter very preferable.

Graham Gems

Mrs. E. R. Harmon. One quart of sweet milk, one cup syrup, one teaspoon soda, two teaspoons cream tartar, little salt; mix cream tartar in Graham flour, soda in the milk, and make it as stiff with the flour as will make it drop easily from the spoon into muffin rings.