Almost any cold fish may be used to advantage with sauce of melted butter. If no cold meat is on hand a slice of halibut may be boiled in the chafing dish with a seasoning of a bay leaf cooked with it a few minutes, a little green pepper, salt, and a sprinkle of white pepper, and then broken up for the moulds which may be cooked in the chafing dish. Allow the white of one egg for each mould, stir this into the fish with a little fine cracker crumbs to make the mould keep its shape. A little paprika and whatever other seasoning may be desired may be used with this. The moulds should be well greased - small ones are best for this really hearty bit of food. Strips of green pepper may be used across the bottom and sides of the mould or an egg may be cooked in the middle of the fish. An excellent sauce to serve with this is made like a plain white sauce, two level tablespoons of butter and two of flour cooked together, with a cup of milk, and finally a half-pound of American cheese added, with a little paprika. This latter sauce may be thick enough to use when it is cold for a sandwich filling, for which purpose it is very good.