E. V. Case, Elmhurst. Take three eggs, beat the whites and yolks separately; to the yolks after they are beaten, add a half teaspoon of salt and a teacup of rich cream, in which a heaping tea-spoon of flour has been smoothly rubbed; lastly stir in the whites which have been beaten as for cake; have ready a spider in which has been melted a tablespoon of lard, and which is as hot as can be and not be burned; pour in the mixture and let it stand till it is a rich brown on the bottom.

French Omelet

M. One cup boiling milk with one tablespoon of butter melted in it; pour this on one cup of bread crumbs (the bread must be light); add salt, pepper and the yolks of six eggs well beaten; mix thoroughly; and lastly, add the six whites cut to a stiff froth; mix lightly and fry with hot butter; this will make two; when almost done, turn together in shape of half moon.

Boiled Omelet

E. M. Walker.

Four eggs well beaten up with a little pepper, salt, nutmeg, chopped parsley and chives ; one-half pint of cream (or milk); half fill little well buttered cups or moulds and set them in boiling water; boil for ten minutes, then turn out. They may be served with a sauce.

Baked Omelet

Mrs. Edward Ely. Six eggs, two tablespoons of flour, a little salt, one cup of milk. Take a little of the milk, and stir the flour into it; add the rest of the milk, and the yolks of the eggs; then beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and pour into the flour, milk and yolks; put a piece of butter the size of a small egg into an iron spider, and let it get hot, but not so the butter will burn; then pour the mixture in and put in a moderate oven to bake in the spider. It takes about ten minutes to bake. Then slip a knife under and loosen, and slip off on a large plate or platter.


M. A. T.

Seven eggs beaten separately; add the yolks, one-half teacup sweet milk or cream, a tablespoon of flour, salt and pepper; after beating them very light, mix well; lastly, add the whites cut to a stiff froth; mix very lightly and only a little. Fry with butter on a quick fire. When brown, fold together and serve immediately. This will make two omelets.

Veal Omelet

Mrs. J. S. Gano. Three pounds of lean veal, two eggs, six small butter crackers, one tablespoon of thyme, one of salt, one of pepper, two of milk; knead it like bread and bake it two hours in a slow oven, basting it with butter often, then slice for tea.

Laplanders For Breakfast

Mrs. A. L: Chetlain.

Three eggs, three cups of flour, three cups of sweet milk, one teaspoon of melted butter, and a little salt; beat well together, then bake in iron moulds.